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Business to Business Marketing

When you sell to other businesses, you are participating in the business-to-business market. The B2B marketplace requires a greater emphasis on customer education and proof of benefit than on desirability, status or other emotional sales pitches. Business-to-business selling often consists of garnering larger orders from fewer customers, with more personal interaction, rather than advertising and promotions, necessary. Within the B2B market are subsets of the marketplace focusing on the sale of industrial products, consulting services and financial services.

Professional Services Marketing

Another subset of B2B is professional services, which consists of providing consulting or delivery of business needs such as marketing, information technology, human resources, benefits planning, management consulting and payroll. Some commercial services, especially those involving information technology systems, include the sale of hard goods such as computers and software. Many solo entrepreneurs offer professional services as consultants, while firms might group a variety of services – such as advertising, public relations, promotions and media buying – under one roof.

Industrial Goods Marketing

The industrial market consists largely of companies transacting business in hard goods such as machinery, materials, chemicals, vehicles and office furniture and supplies. The buyers are often manufacturers; the sellers are known as suppliers. Suppliers must be experts in their product or service and the market overall. They often use a consultative selling approach to partner with customers, helping them solve problems or meet specific business goals.

Business to Consumer

The business-to-consumer model differs from the business-to-business (B2B) model. While consumers buy products for their personal use, businesses do so to use in their companies. Large purchases, such as capital equipment, generally requires approval from those who head up a company. This makes a business’ purchasing power much more complex than that of the average consumer.